Tuesday, October 28, 2014

When You Believe It’s Possible

When You Believe It’s Possible
“The only way to discover the limits of the possible
is to go beyond them in to the impossible.”
Arthur C. Clark, Author, Futurist  

As I see it . . . . . . .
When you believe it’s possible  

Breakthroughs don’t occur in the status quo. Breakthroughs take place when you stretch yourself beyond what’s possible . . . . and stretch yourself into what others consider as being impossible.

Doing what you do . . . . and doing it in the same way that you have also been doing it, will get you at best no more then what you’re been getting. In many cases what you are doing has reached its limit . . . . and will experience demising returns on your investment of time and efforts.

One of the biggest deterrence to stretching your limits is the fear of moving out of your comfort zone of doing what’s comfortable and familiar.

Doing the impossible is really removing the fear of the uncertainly of doing something new . . . .  and stepping outside of your comfort zone to do it. 

When you look around you there are so many businesses and business models that have failed because they did not step outside of their comfort zone . . . . and stretch the limits to achieve greater success.

A good example of a failing business model is the post office. The business model has been failing for years and losing money. Instead of reinventing themselves they have been putting band aids on their business model.

Look at FedEx a furnishing business model. FedEx has taken the overnight movement of packages worldwide . . . . and made into an art as well as profitable.

The post office continues to operate in their comfort zone of a failing business model. While FedEx when into the impossible stretched the limits . . . . reinvented a business model and operates a successful business and profitable business.

What’s possible and what’s impossible is in the way you think and in your personal beliefs.

When you believe it’s possible . . . . You will be willing step out of your comfort zone to create the results in your beliefs. To go beyond what’s possible you have to stretch your thinking into the possible zone to make it happen.

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