Monday, April 14, 2008

Key to Building A Successful Pipeline

What is one of the biggest opportunities available for real estate and new home sales professionals today?

Prospecting. . . . . . . . .

You asked…How could prospecting be an opportunity with the current market conditions? Let me explain.

Prospects are the life blood of your business as fuel is to your auto engine.

Traveling through the country conducting sales and management training and consulting services I have discovered an alarming trend of the increased number of both the real estate and new home sales professionals that have either severely curtailed their prospecting actives and in many cases are no longer prospecting.

When I spoke to numerous professionals individually to try to understand the reasons for this tread the responses become very consistent. First there was a misunderstanding of the long term benefits and value of prospecting. Secondly, in many cases they are looking for instant results.

Building a pipeline of prospects is like putting money into an annuity. You continue to make deposit into your account of prospects. Then over time you have the ability to make withdraws with interest (your sales). The more you invest in your prospect account the greater accumulation of values and benefits you will accumulate.

Currently many markets are experiencing an excess of two years or more of pent up demand for housing. This leads me to believe that there are buyers who are looking for a professional to assist them to fulfill their housing needs.

Prospecting is a proactive activity with a purpose and a clearly defined desired outcome.

The foundation of proactive prospecting is to recognize the opportunities while continuously seeking prospects that have the potential of becoming customers and doing business with you, or referring potential prospects to you.

The opportunities are all around us today but they may be disguised as challenges.

Seize your Opportunities Today