Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Sometimes You Make the Adjustments

Sometimes You Make the Adjustments
“Sometime you make the right decision,
sometimes you make the decision right.”
Dr. Phil, Author, Talk Show Host  
As I see it. . . . . . . .
Sometimes you make the adjustments

You will make many decisions in your lifetime . . . . and when you make them they will seem right at the time. Some of them will be good decisions . . . . and some them you would like to forget about; quickly.

Guess what? It’s physical impossibly to go through life . . . . and never to have made a bad decision. 

Your objective should be to make the best possible decision you can with the information you have . . . . and in the conditions that you find yourselves in.

You have seen the results of bad decisions . . . . and many times they where made by people you know.

The biggest pitfall in making a bad decision is accelerating it through having a case of denial.  Bad decisions have to be recognized for what they are (bad) . . . . and the quicker the issue recognized . . . . and resolved the better it will be for everyone involved.

It takes courage to admit that you made a bad decision . . . . and the self-confidence to correct it.

Bad decisions that are left to fester become worst . . . . and create an infection in your thinking and drain your energy. You have to look for the best possible solution under the conditions that you find yourself in.  Make the adjustments that are required to correct the situation and move pass the bad decision as quickly as possible and move on.

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