Sunday, July 27, 2014

The Enthusiasm of a Curious Child

 The Enthusiasm of a Curious Child
“All the people we call ‘geniuses’ are men and women who
somehow escaped having to put that curious wondering
child in themselves to sleep.”
Barbara Sheer, Author

As I see it. . . . . . . .
The enthusiasm of a curious child . . . .

Reawaken that enthusiasm of the curious child that within you. The one that sees the world as a great adventure filled with endless possibilities of new discoveries.

That reawaken curious child see the brilliants of what life as it can be . . . . and can’t wait for new each day to start to begin a new adventure.

See the world as that curious child . . . . and your view will become breathtaking . . . . and the horizon seems to be endless.

Explore that world . . . . and you’ll find the gems in life.

When you awaken your curious child that’s within you your world will never the same.

You will see the world through the eyes of a curious child where everything becomes possible. You will see thing the others are either to busy to see . . . . or pass by because they don’t have an open and curious mind.

Enter each new day with the heart . . . . and enthusiasm of a curious child.

©2014 Lou Ludwig Motivational Power Quote, Sales and Management Consultant, Success Coach, Speaker, Trainer and Author
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