Sunday, August 31, 2014

Put All the Excuses Aside

Put All the Excuses Aside
“Put all excuses aside and remember this:
YOU are capable.”
Zig Zigler, author

As I see it . . . . . . .
Put all the excuses aside

You’re capable of doing anything . . . . that you believe that you can do.

When you can think it . . . when you believe that you capable of doing it . . . . when you try . . . . and when you give it your best you’re capable of achieving it.

Success first happens in your thinking . . .  what you believe about yourself you become. What you believe about your abilities will come to pass.

The vision that you have for your future in your thinking will become a self-fulfilling prophecy. What you believe your future to be in your thoughts . . . . will become your reality.

What you believe . . . . will have a big influence what we’re capable of doing.

You are capable and have unlimited potential. To release your potential you have to believe in yourself . . . .  and believe that you’re capable of doing great things.

A person that believes in themselves has unlimited potential . . . . and are capable of changing the direction of their life . . . . and capable of achieving greater and lasting success.

Believe in you heart that your capable of achieving bigger and greater things . . . . and take the actions to make it happen. Have confidence in your actions to push forward . . . . and your opportunities will become unlimited.
Put all the excuses aside . . . . and do what has to be done to make it happen.

©2014 Lou Ludwig Motivational Power Quote, Sales and Management Consultant, Success Coach, Speaker, Trainer and Author
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