Thursday, August 7, 2014

Common Traits of Successful Businesses

Common Traits of Successful Businesses
“The magic formula that successful businesses have
 discovered is to treat customers like quests
and employees like people.”
Thomas J. Peters, American Businessman,
Management Expert   
As I see it. . . . . . . .
Common traits of successful businesses

Successful businesses have discovered that their success is attributed to people . . . . and that the whole company is the sales team.

Having a successful customer experience is essential to a business . . . . and to their continued success. Establishing and maintaining a satisfied and happy customer’s base is essential to a business continued success.

The customer experienced will be shared with many of their family, friends and business associates. They will be sharing their experience with others when you are not present . . . . or part of the conversation. The customer experience will be influenced . . . . by everyone that’s involved in the business process with the customer.

You will be judged . . . . not only by the strongest link in the business process but by the weakest link in the process as well.

The customer experience that they had can become a bridge to future business and referrals. Or it can turn into a brick wall of lost business opportunity.

The entire company and or the business have to be prepared to meet and exceed the demands of a changing business environment.  To earn repeat business customers their demands have to be exceeded.

Good enough . . . . is no longer good enough.

Exceptional . . . . is the new standard for staying competitive and earning referral business.

Common traits of successful businesses . . . . is people. The way management treats the employees will be reflected in the way the employees treat the customers. The way the customers are treated will determine if the customer will do business with the company now . . . . and in the future.

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