Tuesday, April 22, 2014

It Takes Thought to Make Good Decisions

It Takes Thought to Make Good Decisions
“Just because we increase the speed of information
doesn’t mean we can increase the speed of
decisions. Pondering, reflecting and
ruminating are undervalued skills
in our culture.”
Dale Dauten, American Business Management
Columnist, Author, Professional Speaker

As I see it. . . . . . . .

It takes thought to make good decisions

Information has increase at lightning speed . . . . and we’re asked to make more and faster decisions. No matter how much pressure is put on you to make a decision you still have to do your best to make a good decision.

At times you can make good decisions in what appears to be a matter of seconds. At other times it will take deeper thought to make a good decision.

Your thinking and your decision making process moves at a different pace for each of us. No matter what or thought process is, you have to think through your decisions to make a good decision.

Making a quick decision without much thought can lead to a poor decision and undesired results. Once those decisions have are made they can move you in the wrong direction . . . . and the course correction that will be required to get you back on track will become very painful.

Making a quick decision with that well thought out gets us on the course and moves us closer to our objectives.

The time that you invest in your decision making today will set the course for your future. Good decision making will give you the direction that will save your time and energy in the future.

It takes thought to make good decisions . . . . in your decisions you create your future.

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